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Welcome to Teaching Grammar, maintained by Geoff Dean and Dick Hudson. We hope to fill it up with good stuff about:

  • why grammar is worth teaching in UK schools, both in English lessons and in foreign-language lessons.
  • what grammar can and should be taught.
  • how it can be taught successfully.
  • how and why it is taught in other countries and at other times in this country.
  • how to boost your own knowledge of grammatical ideas and terminology.

The material is divided into tabs as follows:

  • About: this page
    • Who? – a list of all the authors who are listed in the other pages
  • Context: the historical, geographical and governmental context of grammar teaching
  • Why? – why teach grammar?
  • How? – what are the best ways to teach it effectively?
  • What? – what grammar to teach?
  • Self-help – how to improve your own grammatical knowledge
  • Events – conferences or lectures about grammar teaching
  • Email list about teaching grammar


We’d also like to advertise the LAGB grammar glossary for schools






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