Authors of material on other pages

  • Bas Aarts: Professor of English Linguistics at UCL.  Homepage
  • Geoff Barton: Headteacher of King Edward VI School, Suffolk, a 14-18 comprehensive where he also teaches English. He writes textbooks. Homepage
  • Ron Carter: Professor of Modern English Language in the School of English at the University of Nottingham … and …   Homepage
  • Dan Clayton: Dan Clayton is an experienced A level English Language teacher who works at The Sixth Form College, Colchester … and … Blog
  • David Crystal: Writer, editor, lecturer and broadcaster on English language and linguistics, with a particular interest in grammar; also Honorary Professor of Linguistics at Bangor.  His blog.  Homepage
  • Geoff Dean: a former English teacher, deputy headteacher, adviser, inspector and consultant, researching a Ph D, in retirement, about teaching grammar to primary children. Homepage
  • Nick Ellis: Professor of Psychology and Professor of Linguistics, University of Michigan. Homepage
  • Rod Ellis: Professor in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics, University of Auckland, … and …  Homepage
  • Marcello Giovanelli: Marcello Giovanelli is a Lecturer in English in Education at the University of Nottingham, UK. …and … Homepage
  • Elizabeth Gordon: Retired linguist.  Homepage
  • Craig Hancock: Craig Hancock is Director of Writing and Reading … at the University at Albany (USA), … and … Homepage
  • Richard (‘Dick’) Hudson: Retired UCL grammarian with enthusiasm for building bridges between universities and schools.  Homepage
  • Diane Larsen-Freeman: Professor of Education, Professor of Linguistics, and Research Scientist (English Language Institute) at the University of Michigan. Homepage
  • Geoffrey Leech: Emeritus Professor of English Linguistics at Lancaster University …and ….  Homepage
  • Debra Myhill: A former secondary English teacher, now Professor of Education at the University of Exeter, … and … Homepage
  • Sue Palmer: Writer and travelling player, author of many primary teaching grammar materialsHomepage
  • Irene Philippaki-Warburton: Emeritus Professor in Linguistics, Reading University, and scientific coordinator for  a project on teaching the Greek language to Greek immigrant communities. Homepage
  • Gert Rijlaarsdam: Head of the Research Group on Language, Literature & Arts Education at the University of Amsterdam. His main research interest is in studying writing processes and effective interventions.   Homepage
  • Mike Sharwood Smith: Professor at Heriot Watt University and the Academy of Management, Warsaw; Honorary Professorial Fellow, Edinburgh University.  Homepage
  • Agneta Svalberg: Agneta Svalberg lectures and supervises in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in the School of Education, University of Leicester, UK. … and Homepage
  • Mike Swan: Michael Swan is a best-selling EFL author.  He also writes poetry, in the hope of proving that grammarians have souls.   Homepage
  • Anette Wulff: Lecturer, teacher, teacher-trainer and member of the VISL team at the University of Southern Denmark … and … Homepage

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